Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Crafty stuff for swap

7gypsies 6 x 6 papers, several sheets of each of six designs

Kit with rub ons and buttons

K&Co Kit with stickers and bird silhouette

Kit with ribbons and buttons

Kit with rub-ons and thread

Shimelle kit with zipped notebook 

Monday, 15 October 2012

A view from ... winterbaby

Whoops, found these pics on my camera, and I do like to keep a complete blog! I love the construction of this CJ, it is made from envelopes. I cant find a tutorial that is exactly the same but this youtube video is similar.


my entry

page

Hairy dieters cookbook

As anyone who knows me would say, there is only a kitchen because it came with the house. I dont enjoy cooking so I dont do it very much. But I did take a fancy to the Hairy Bikers new cookbook, and this is what I had for my lunch today. It was very easy and VERY tasty (I left out the mint this time, might add it next time)

the ingredients

the recipe

the result

A view from ... my CJ is home

Very happy to have been part of this CJ, a great group of scrappers and I have an album to cherish

My entry

crafty barbie




poet crafty

jo chapman


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Journal your art ... my CJ is home

My theme is "self portrait" and it is finally home. Many thanks to everyone who contributed, every page is gorgeous and I am delighted to have it home.


My page








A view from ... Lynn

These CJs seem to have got a bit muddled, so some people have finished but other have not. Once again I got to journal where I love to live!

Journal your art ... Steampunk Alice

Oh how I wish this CJ was mine. Not only did the owner come up with a fabby way of constructing the journal ... the pages are folded and stuck back to back ... but all of the pages are GORGEOUS!

This is Gill's instruction page, isnt it gorgeous!

My effort, using paper kindly donated to me by "Gifted Cutter" on UKS

Loads of detail and texture from meggie

Mistyrat made these amazing pages

Our fabulous host Biskit made these pages

Amazed by how Alipeeps has blended these bright colours without them going muddy, gorgeous

Allycat took the Alice theme and made it her own

Loving these pages by Wisher

Shirley added TONS of texture to these pages, marvellous

One of my favourites, from Juliwan, look at the clever use of newsprint 
And this is how the CJ is constructed, pages folded and glued back to back to make a neat spine

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Journal your art ... Time

This is still my favourite CJ and its lovely to look over all of the earlier entries and work out how they have been made. This CJ needed a quote about time, and I had an inky time constructing it.

I wish I had the skill to make a page like this one ...

A view from ...

This CJ hasnt been as much fun as I expected. My printer is rubbish, and I've not been organised enough to get a batch of prints done online, so its been a trip to Boots every time I want a print making. Barbara wanted no people in her CJ, so I was able to dig thru a batch of prints I had done last year and do (another) layout of the pier.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Google is my friend

Its cold and windy and wet here, so trying to get myself to leave the comfort of the sofa to go and do some art! Laptop is charging so had a wander around Google and found this fantastic blog here

and a page I am going to attempt to "scraplift" here

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Deconstructing the number 45 ...

Ooops ... saved these in the wrong order ... my latest stained glass art. Teacher is now on holiday until September ... :(