Tuesday, 11 January 2011

(sigh) guttering again

Signed for a CJ today and wondered why the rain was dripping on my postie ... looked up and MY GUTTERING IS HANGING LOOSE ... My across the road neighbour did mention that she has seen a cat on my roof (???) so maybe a moggie caused it ...

Glass Class recommences today, so I get to finish my mirror

Thursday, 6 January 2011

No spare wardrobe now

Xmas trees and decorations are now stored in the "guest" wardrobe. Clothes from the guest wardrobe (90% mine, 10% his) are now on the floor in the craft room. My three choices are: dump them; OR put them in spare wardrobe (dump clothes from the spare wardrobe); OR put them in everyday wardrobe (dump clothes from the everyday wardrobe). By dump I mean take them to the recycling bin. I dont know how I managed to accumulate so many clothes, I dont go anywhere!

Maybe January needs to be my "sort it all out" month.

Very sad to have finished my Journal Your Christmas ... I enjoyed every entry and every photograph.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Should be back to normal ...

... but I still feel festive. Decorations soon to be taken down, so I guess I will feel less festive when they go. Snow has all gone, except for the odd piles up against buildings or where car parks have been cleared. I have many hours of TV saved to the hard drive, so I need to decide to watch it or decide to delete it!