Monday, 15 October 2012

A view from ... winterbaby

Whoops, found these pics on my camera, and I do like to keep a complete blog! I love the construction of this CJ, it is made from envelopes. I cant find a tutorial that is exactly the same but this youtube video is similar.


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Hairy dieters cookbook

As anyone who knows me would say, there is only a kitchen because it came with the house. I dont enjoy cooking so I dont do it very much. But I did take a fancy to the Hairy Bikers new cookbook, and this is what I had for my lunch today. It was very easy and VERY tasty (I left out the mint this time, might add it next time)

the ingredients

the recipe

the result

A view from ... my CJ is home

Very happy to have been part of this CJ, a great group of scrappers and I have an album to cherish

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