Saturday, 3 March 2012

Some things are worth repeating

I am doing my best to MAKE new crafting supplies rather than BUYING new supplies, so I was delighted when Dips shared her easy peasy ribbon flowers. I had all of the supplies that she listed, so within a few minutes of reading the tutorial, I was the proud maker of a dozen of these little beauties. I used pearl headed pins and 1cm wide ribbon, about 20cm in length. I was able to bend the pin after the flowers were made, to give me something to use to secure the flower to the project.

I made cupcakes

Great workshop run by Viki from the Dragonfly Bakery here in Saltburn. Viki provided the cakes, icing, sprinkles and sugar paste, all we had to do was turn up and get busy. Not only was it a fun workshop, we got to eat the results, and they were DELICIOUS.

First we had a practice.

Look at the HUGE nozzle I used ... Viki prefers disposable icing bags.

We used cutters and stencils to make hearts and flowers.

Having a play with the sugar paste.

They tasted even better than they looked.