Friday, 27 April 2012

Journal your art CJ ... time

Always a favourite theme, and this is my favourite CJ. Here is my page. 


Look at this gorgeous page from Shirley June.

JuliWan very cleverly made a bottle from acetate and filled it with tiny cogs.
Always a favourite theme, and this is my favourite CJ. Here is my page, and the gorgeous pages from Shirley June and JuliWan.

A view from CJ ... Jo Chapman

I knew it was asking for trouble, being in a CJ where they ALL have the same name. Anyway, this CJ belongs to Jo Chapman and she asked for a favourite view. I had a fabby time in Blackpool and took lots and lots of pics.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Project runway CJ ... art from art

Such fun (I love Miranda) to work on this CJ. Pick your favourite piece of art ... then create it in scrap! Very easy to pick my favourite (modern) artist ... the wonderful, fabulous and multi-talented David Hockney ... and although my favourite picture is Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy I didnt have any idea how I could re-create that, so I chose one of his "watery" pics.

So I have ended up with "David Bowie" having a lie down beside a "pool" of punched ripples

Of course, the layered punched strips were not my idea, they were originally Shimelle's found here

Happy scrappers CJ ... A day at the beach

Another chance to use two of my favourite photos of where I live. Sadly, I took a TERRIBLE photo of the pages, really REALLY terrible, but here it is anyway!

Journal your art CJ

Wisher has supplied us with this AMAZING challenge, to make a page for her art journal! The book is very old and has a gorgeous texture, and I was able to set to work with my Tim Holtz picket fence and I sprayed the pages with a couple of the lighter coloured mists I had on my desk. The masks and the grunge board elements are also Tim Holtz.

I had to take a photo of other pages in the book, they are so GORGEOUS. This one is by Juliwan (I love her art)

This lovely page is by Shirley ... what a wonderful quote

A view from ... CJ

Hmmm, this is an interesting CJ to be involved in. As far as I understand, each entry will be a photograph of where I live (or where I happen to be that month). I have lots of photo opportunities where I live, so its a case of taking my camera out with me when I walk the dog. This month I have taken a "standard postcard" view of Huntcliff in Saltburn. Its a popular image ... look at this lovely painting. 

And this gorgeous image by Graham Lowe in a local art gallery.
 Here is my page for the CJ belonging to hollybank

A view from ... CJ

I LOVE starting a new CJ ... and I have splashed out and used some of my precious Tim Holtz paper. I'm excited about the theme because it is so open to interpretation. I would like to include a photo in each of my pages, and I already have plans for "a view from ... " Blackpool and Cartmel Racecourse. Anyway, here are my  first few pages.

Project Runway CJ is home ... yay

Lets see if I can get these in the right order and acknowledge the lovely scrappers who made each page. I am so pleased I picked this theme as each entry is so individual and will provide me with plenty of inspiration for the CJs I contribute to.

 I went REALLY over the top with the cover, using every glittery alpha I owned.

 Beautiful festive entry from Pange

 Glitter garden by Crafty Sarah

 Butterfly garden by Pinkster

 Glittery Steampunk by MrsMcF (that's me)

 Out tonight by FatMonica

 Diamonds and pearls by jainethepain

 Bling by Culpepper

Okraine by Culpepper ... which opens out to even MORE bling

Okraine opened up

 Super glittery bling by Katj

Punk rock bling by Flo