Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Project Runway CJ is home ... yay

Lets see if I can get these in the right order and acknowledge the lovely scrappers who made each page. I am so pleased I picked this theme as each entry is so individual and will provide me with plenty of inspiration for the CJs I contribute to.

 I went REALLY over the top with the cover, using every glittery alpha I owned.

 Beautiful festive entry from Pange

 Glitter garden by Crafty Sarah

 Butterfly garden by Pinkster

 Glittery Steampunk by MrsMcF (that's me)

 Out tonight by FatMonica

 Diamonds and pearls by jainethepain

 Bling by Culpepper

Okraine by Culpepper ... which opens out to even MORE bling

Okraine opened up

 Super glittery bling by Katj

Punk rock bling by Flo

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