Saturday, 4 December 2010

Is it on or is it off????

Yesterday, my central heating boiler made a noise like an elephant in distress, then turned itself off. So from 3pm yesterday I had no central heating and no hot water. I'm insured with British Gas (ironically I had a service booked for Monday) and gave them a ring and a chap is due any minute to (hopefully) fix my problem. Phil and I spent a cold evening kept only above freezing with the "mostly for decoration" modern electric fire in the living room, and I crawled gratefully into bed in socks and flannel PJs. When I got up at 7am I noticed the boiler has a reset button, and hey presto the boiler kicked into life. However, I suspect there is something wrong, cos the heating has been on for 7 hours and the thermostat says 17 degrees!!!!! I'm grateful for the warmth from the laptop.

I'm still snowed in, so have not been able to buy any decent paper for the printer to print out Shimelles gorgeous Xmas journalling cards. The dog will run out of food on Monday, so whatever the weather I will be out buying necessities!

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